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Provax Travel Clinic

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Going on vacation and want to stay healthy? Visit the Travel Clinic in Clarington

Travel Clinic In Clarington

If you need vaccinations and immunizations, including the Yellow Fever vaccination, make an appointment with the Travel Clinic in Clarington.

We offer pre-travel risk assessments based on your upcoming voyage. You will receive recommendations on which medications and vaccinations you will require and then, we administer the required vaccinations, immunizations and medications.

We will also offer further advice and information packages on how to stay safe in the specific country you're going to, since we track the current risks in multiple countries.

In most cases, we can even provide you with supplies for sale if your destination requires them, such as mosquito nets, water purification supplies, medical kits, etc.

Some of the vaccinations we provide at our Travel Clinic in Clarington are for: hepatitis A/B, HPV, Influenza, Polio, Shingles, Tetanus, Yellow Fever. For a complete list, visit our website above.